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Blue Acoustic
Loudspeaker Systems for professional use

M2 System ready for the evening event at the Lon Glen-yr-afon Hotel in Usk

The M2 System as the PA for the Mel Gaynor Band at the George Tavern, London


Welcome to the Blue Acoustic web site where you’ll discover our amazingly compact point-source loudspeaker systems.



Our website has been designed as a source of information and as such, we feel we’ve manage to strike a happy medium for all visitors.
Certainly from the feedback we receive it appears we’re doing it correctly.

The Site.
We have a very varied viewing audience to our website.
Some tell us they want more pictures, others tell us they want more text.
Most visitors to this site appear to head directly to the “Data Sheet” section or to our “News” reports although any part of the site may be reached from the various drop-down menus near the top of the page.

New – feature page for our M2 System

New – see the news page for the soon to be released DM101 System

New – credit and debit cards accepted from September 18th.

Shown below – one of the many live shows using superb systems designed by us this time for a young farmers even in Montgomeryshire.

Blue Acoustic DG3 offers superb full range performance from a 15″/1″ powered full range cabinet seen here being used in a simple yet effective arrangement.

DG3 powered 2 way model


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