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Blue Acoustic
Loudspeaker Systems for professional use

M2 System ready for the evening event at the Lon Glen-yr-afon Hotel in Usk

This is the F108 with the grille removed.
An 8"/1" high quality passive system

The M2 System as the PA for the Mel Gaynor Band at the George Tavern, London


Welcome to the Blue Acoustic web site where you’ll discover our amazingly compact point-source loudspeaker systems.



The Blue Acoustic range has been developed using the experience gained from the 35 years since we started to design and manufacture Shermann loudspeaker products in 1982.
Blue Acoustic systems was started to run alongside Shermann in 2009 with constant development since that time to allow a low key launch early in 2015.
With over 40 years of design experience Blue Acoustic has rapidly flourished to become a major British manufacturer especially in the area of “powered” systems where our knowledge excels.
This knowledge has been gained through success with our Shermann brand with many thousands of systems sold to twenty nine countries around the world.
We also specialise in passive systems where we opt for low loss, high power crossover designs and continue to wind our own components too with the target of achieving 0% tolerance.
This in turn allows us to offer some of the most accurate passive crossovers on the market within loudspeaker systems.
It is our policy to never rush new products to market.
We undertake thorough testing and user feedback within our designs for the benefit of our customers.
These customers, installers and end-users are now enjoying the results of our designs which incorporate the many technological developments we introduced in to our powered and non-powered loudspeaker systems when Blue Acoustic was initially introduced to the high quality speaker market.