A2 System

The super-compact and highly efficient A2 System was released earlier this year and now has a new data sheet available.

The A2 System offers amazing level, detail and audio integrity for a wide variety of uses.
It’s also extremely compact too.

Starting with the bass cabinet which is loaded with a single 15″ driver which extremely efficient in its working band of 42Hz – 115Hz.
The 15″ bass driver features a 4″ voice coil with a length of 29mm.
The 10″ driver in the top cab has a 2.5″ voice coil and is matched with an extremely high quality 1″ compression driver on a 60 x 50 horn unit.

The A2 is driven from a customised 3 channel Powersoft module housed in the bass cab with signal to the top cabs transmitted through a 4 core speaker cable.
Power output in to the three amplified sections is 1,200w in the 15″ bass unit, 4oow in to the 10″ driver and 60w for the 1″ compression driver.

Little comes close to this superb rig for both live and pre-recorded work.
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