About us

Blue Acoustic is a British loudspeaker manufacturer based in Mid-Wales.
Our products are mainly powered systems with multi-channel amplifier and DSP modules permanently attached to the loudspeaker cabinet.
For this we use the superb Powersoft modules which are made in Italy.
Along with British build cabinets we use the best of European drive units too.
Wherever needed within our systems we design and build our own passive crossovers which includes winding our own inductors to a O% tolerance.
Attention to detail has been our prime concern since our design staff built their first systems way back in the 1970’s.
For example, simple additions such as the correct number of handles, castors on bass cabinets, flying points for
flown cabinets and many other simple yet effective enhancements that on many other manufacturer’s systems are
actually chargeable extras.

Blue Acoustic is ready to go with a choice of cables, covers, poles and equipment bags.
Nothing’s left to chance as we know your living depends on what we’ve designed and built.