Accessories for Blue Acoustic systems include a host of items ready to assist within many areas of rigging, transport and performance.

Cabinet covers may be supplied for any Blue Acoustic enclosure.
We can also supply technical drawings should you wish to use your own speaker cover manufacturer.

Telescopic or fixed poles for our popular 4 box rigs are supplied with 20mm threads to integrate with the pole mounts fitted to our bass cabinets.

Castors are fitted to most bass cabs however, we do offer the option of having them fitted to any bass cab that we build.
We can also equip the bass cabinet with teenuts and bolts to facilitate castor attachment at a later date.

Wall brackets in a variety of sizes may be requested and these can directly fitted to smaller cabinets or attached to yoke brackets which would be bolted directly to the cabinet.
Flying brackets designed to attach to yoke bracket stud fittings on the cabinets are also available.

SubSafe bass cabinet protection can also be supplied in a number of different finishes.
We can offer scaled drawings for any of our bass systems and SubSafe do have experience building their products for Blue Acoustic enclosures.

Trolley boards can be supplied for any number of cabinets up to a maximum of 4 x M3B single 18″ bass units or 4 x M4B dual 15″ bass units.
These are equipped with 125mm castors in addition, overall covers may also be supplied.