Special Designs

The Special Designs of Blue Acoustic.

Blue Acoustic is all about Special Design.
You can assist in the design of the cabinets needed for your new touring system or specify amendments or changes for an installed sound system.

These changes can be made to the ultimate power handling of an enclosure, the required dispersion, the physical size (within guidelines), the style of finish (rectangular, trapezoidal etc.) and colour too.

Please remember our 47 year involvement with all types of sound systems.
Small to medium sized touring rigs have been our bread and butter over the years.
Audio Visual and conference systems have seen us manufacturing numerous cabinets and complete sound systems for this area of the professional market.
Add to that hundreds of installation systems for theatres, churches, schools, colleges, gymnasiums, sports arenas, cinemas and multi-purpose buildings.

We’ve sold our products in to 27 countries too so we have a reasonable grounding on multiple requirements around the globe.
If you’re disillusioned with mass produced loudspeaker system most of which look and sound the same (apart from the odd tweak) then give us a call, or drop an email across.

Let’s list the bits.

Bass and Mid Drive Units
B&C,  Beyma,  BMS,  EighteenSound,  Faital-Pro,  Fane,  Oberton and Precision Devices.

HF Drive Units
B&C,  BMS,  EighteenSound,  Faital-Pro,  Oberton and Precision Devices.

Horn Units
B&C,  BMS,   EighteenSound,  Faital-Pro,  Limmer and Oberton.

Amplifier/DSP Modules
Powersoft, from hard experience this is the only brand we will use.
We buy the parts and combine the Powersoft DSP units for use in our systems.
All completed modules are therefore specialised in a manner directly attributed to the wide variety of customised loudspeakers that we produce.

Quite a selection in fact, we keep a number of these high quality items in stock too.
Finishes available – Our two part super tough coating in selected RAL colours.
Water based paints too for installations again, in a variety of colours.
From a flat vinyl looking coating to a really heavy splatter – your choice.

Let’s get going on your project.
A recognised brand but, with your system built with input from yourself.

As we said before – all enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

07971 882663      //       Email:   ken@blue-acoustic.com