The G184 System moving forward

Using European components throughout our superb G184 rig is making
waves in the Live Touring and Music Replay market.

Sleek and lightweight spring to mind however, it’s the amazing sound quality offered by the excellent components we use that make the difference.

Within the lightweight top cabinet we use a Beyma 14″ low mid driver that exhibits extremely high efficiency in the frequency range used.
The HF unit is built by FaitalPro and the horn unit manufactured by EighteenSound.

Down below is a powerful but truly effective 18″ driver featuring a 115mm voice coil and very high power handling.
The cabinet has 6 handles, a 32mm pole mount and 4 x 100mm castors on the rear.

The three channel Powersoft module is located in the bass cab with just a simple 4 core speaker cable running to the top cabinet.
One less item to worry about and a way of speeding up rig and de-rig.

The cabinet is super compact – just 690 high x 500 wide x 480 deep (600 over the castors).
This still offers an F3 of 41Hz.

The G184 will fit in to many SUV style vehicles and as an example, it easily fits in to a Landrover Discovery with the seats up.
In a Transit Custom sized vehicle the G184 system is almost lost.

So, the G184 is a route to further success for all users with the added bonus that it’s a one-person set-up.