J Series additions

Here’s the J1208 – a rapidly rigged and easily managed system.
J1208 showing the limited amount of transport space required.

It’s “Back to the J Series time”.

The J Series features a small number of Blue Acoustic workhorse rigs that have been designed to cover a  wide variety of tasks and events.

Generally heading for DJ use the J Series, due to their neutral voicing, are perfect for use with numerous styles of live music too.

Take the ultra compact J1208 for example shown opposite which has already been in use on smaller wedding gigs in recent months.

The J1208 is a two module powered system driven by Powersoft modules each housed in the 12″ bass units whilst the tops are single 8″
with a 1″ HF driver.

Sonic quality of the highest order from the European designed and built drive units and modules.

. . . . . . . .

Next, we have the J1510 arriving soon (see pdf) J1510-2 System-brief data.

This is driven 3 way by a Powersoft module housed in the bass cabinet – a highly portable device with four handles, a 15″ bass driver with a 101mm voice coil, a 35mm screw thread pole adaptor and 4 rear mounted 100mm castors.

Up top is a powerful 10″ / 1″ combination with the 10″ driver sporting a 3″ voice coil the HF device fitted with a large 52mm voice coil to allow the 2,800w capable Powersoft modules to drive the systems in a superb, high quality manner.

The J2815 is a four box rig featuring dual 15″ in the low end dual 8″ with a 1″ HF in the top cabinets.

. . . . . . . .

Getting larger but, in this instance still superbly versatile is the J2815 rig available with either two or four modules.

Shown here is a four module powered rig where all four cabinets are equipped with Powersoft amplifier modules.

As such the cabinets in the J2815/4 may be used as a four cabinet system,  with just a single bass cab with two tops or, just the two top cabs running in full range mode for smaller events.

Down below we have two dual 15″ bass units with each driver sporting a 4″ voice coil.

Up top we have two dual 8″ cabinets where the 8″ drivers have 2″ voice coils and the 1″ driver having 44mm voice coils.

The equally powerful J2815/2 rig is two module powered with equal power output heading in to the drive units as the four module version.

We’re just a phone call or an email away from further information and pricing so, feel free to get in touch.