Ken Hughes introduces his own new products

Here’s the new !
Smaller is beautiful (these days).
Our systems perform perfectly, offer premium sound quality whilst maintaining very high output levels whenever that may be required.

We design and build our specialist systems in the UK using European components throughout.
The very best in European drivers deserve the finest amplification and dsp therefore, we only use customised Powersoft amplifier modules.
These superb modules may be cabinet mounted or, installed in our lightweight enclosures specifically desinged for outdoor use in our wonderful, variable British weather.

Shown here is our largest system using 12″, 3 way tops and single 18″ bass units.
Despite being super compact for an 18″ cab it’s still equipped with 6 handles and 4 x 100mm castors so that you know we’re not messing around with your finances.
Experience is all – on the road experience by the bucket load – almost 54 years of it.
Whilst compact with extraordinary high level capability some may say they’re less photogenic than some very expensive plastic alternatives.
But then, photogenic is not a term for the smooth, high level hi-fi response your audience will appreciate or what you will hear at FOH control once the houselights are down and the show starts.
Pretty cabs may do the job for you but ours will likely be superior in all respects.

ModPod Innovation cabinets are easily handled with neodymium drive units throughout.
They also come with covers and they’re essentially rectangular for easy stacking and packing in your (small ?) van.
These really are mini-line array killers both in sonic quality and set-up time.

Next step – call or email for our common sense approach to small but powerful systems that offer you near hi-fi results – loud hi-fi results.