Small is neatly OK !

Here’s the all new version 2 of our M1 System.

M1v2 System-Data-new-2021

On the top; a super compact rectangular cabinet with the familiar Blue Acoustic front shape
designed to save on physical size without any hinderance to performance.

M1 v2 drawing

Housing two sturdy 5″ drivers the new M205 cabinet is completed by the use of a neo’ magnet 1″
compression driver fitted to an 80° x 50° horn unit.
The advantage to the fitting of a high quality compression driver in our M205 box becomes absolutely obvious when you  compare this unit with cabs loaded with 2″, 3″ and 4″ drivers but, where a dedicated and highly essential HF driver is notably absent.

Down below the entire drive for the M1 v2 system comes from the bass cabinet which is equipped with a Powersoft three-way module powering not only the superb Ferrite magnet 10″ bass unit but, the drive units in the M205 as well.
This 10″ drive unit sports a rubber roll surround to allow a -3dB point of 48Hz.

The crossover frequency between the dual 5″ top cabs and the 10″ bass units is placed at 115Hz (4th order L-R).
Slightly higher than our normal crossover point but still low enough to keep the majority of vocal response out of the 10″ bass driver.
Many plastic box style systems suffer from a very high crossover point often set between 180 and 220Hz which is, in our opinion, ultra-poor design.
This is generally a major issue in systems with tiny drive units.

So there we have it.
The M1 version 2 ready to launch with the first set being built specifically for installation.

More coming soon in which, as standard, may be specified in either a black or white finish.

Price is of course “Direct From The Factory”.
No retailers or distributors profits and, no importer’s charges either that add massive amounts to what you eventually pay for your new system.

Call or email for further details.
Speak to Ken (07971 882663) or Jake (07772 346836) about this amazing system.