Loudspeaker Products


The M Series.

The Blue Acoustic M Series is a well designed group of powered dual bass/mid driver combinations all partnering single HF compression drive units.
These are used with our powered M Series bass cabinets which are also M2 Systemavailable for use within our A, D and K Series top cabinets.
This standardisation allows us to supply varying tastes of bass unit with differing top cabinets thereby maximising the potential of our product groups.

To obtain the best performance to size ratio in the M Series we have restricted the smallest diameter to 5″ in the top cabinets which, from exhaustive testing, we consider to be the minimum diameter that will work successfully in professional loudspeakers.

Therefore, with all top cabinets in the M Series being 2 way driven we start with the dual 5″  plus 1″ HF in the M1, dual 6.5″ plus 1″ HF in the M2, dual 8″ plus 1″ HF in the M3 and dual 10″ plus 1.4″ HF in the M4.

Further details are also included with sensible power and SPL ratings too in our data sheets which you’ll find within the Information Hub.

Please click here for our page showing comparative sizes of M Series systems.


The K Series.

The K Series brings massive quality advantages to the touring and gigging market.

K Series is a new breed of three-way powered loudspeaker where quality is paramount and the amplifier modules used are formulated around the design of the loudspeaker.

This is where the urge to use mini-line array is curtailed by superior Blue Acoustic products that require far less investment, much reduced transport space and offer major reductions in rigging time.
For corporate events we have loudspeakers and cabinet systems capable of hi-fi performance however, we’re offering this performance with far superior sound pressure levels from our K Series models.

K3 Systems have been released, are successfully working and earning revenue for their owners.
The K312 loudspeaker is proof that using just two cabinets to create a thoroughly impressive full frequency range system is certainly possible.
It offers 9 octave performance and is capable of operating down to a -3dB point at 38Hz.

New models in the K Series will be arriving soon.


The A Series.

The A Series offers more generally accepted cabinet styles where the top cabinets may be matched with an appropriate K or M Series bass unit.

The smallest A Series system will be the A2 System using the A10 FOH model (10″ + 1″ HF) and our recommendation is that it should be used with the M2B powered 15″ bass unit from the excellent M2 System.
The A3 system using the A12 two way powered top will be available paired with the single 18″ powered bass unit from the K3 System; the M3B.
The A4 System using the A15 (15″ + 1.4″ HF) could be used with the M3B single 18″ bass unit or perhaps the M4B dual 15″ from the M4 system.

Further details are also included with sensible power and SPL ratings too in our “Data Sheets” within the Information Hub.


The F Series.


The F Series is our non-powered cabinet zone.
Two cabinet styles for each model ensure that a wide range of applications can be covered from multi-role, for wedge and FOH use to trapezoidal where the anticipated use would be installation.

The multi-role versions are equipped with input sockets from the external amplifier on the rear of the cabinet and also on the bottom next to the stand mount adaptor which allows a more convenient connectivity when used on stands or poles.

The F Series incorporate our low-loss crossovers where generously rated components control each model in a smooth and accurate manner.
We also wind our own inductors to 0% tolerance – we’re probably the only manufacturer to do that.


The D Series.

This is where Blue Acoustic expertise is channelled in to creating systems for a particular yet important sector in the entertainment industry that being Live Music and DJs.

The Live Performance zone and the DJ market, especially for weddings and parties, appears to be expanding on a yearly basis whilst Club Systems require continual improvement and upgrading.
We cater for this area of business too with systems that perform in a superior manner to the plethora of imported plastic boxes that have dominated the market for many years.

Sound quality returns to the Live Music and the DJ market with the assistance of Blue Acoustic.