DJ and Club Systems

More areas where our expertise is readily available.
Whilst we have just a small selection of products in this section it should be remembered that the majority of our products may be adapted for live music or DJ use.

These systems are all powered either with amplifier modules in the bass cabinets or “all powered” systems where each cabinet in the system has an amplifier module on board.

We have numerous live music, DJ and Club owning customers who’ve been using our sound equipment for many years and more often than not we’ve simply made slight adjustments to our loudspeakers in terms of external fittings to cater for this market.

Loudspeakers specifically aimed at the mobile DJ market feature strongly in our thinking at Blue Acoustic as this is an area that has suffered for many years under the marketing of the big boys.
Companies that will have you believe laughable specifications for their low quality systems.
Blue Acoustic prefers to offer an honest, accurate method of issuing specifications where the words “calculated” “or “suspected” are replaced by “actual” and “measured”.