Touring Sound Systems

Rigged in minutes by fewer crew – ready almost immediately.
Blue Acoustic set-up is fast, extremely fast and decidedly simple too making the life if the rigging crew a whole lot easier.

From our touring background we understand that cabinets with castors and sensibly placed handles are very easy to move, stack and transport.

We also understand that using the finest amplifier modules and drive units pays dividends at all times.
The use of our cable systems also offers the confidence that connections cannot be interpreted the wrong way and therefore, that the system will always be connected in the correct manner.

Blue Acoustic systems offer maximum sonic integrity and as such, audience experience is enhanced at every show or presentation.
For a show, a speech, a conference or when a minister is addressing his congregation the
message must be relayed in a way that every word is precisely heard and appreciated.
When music or even sound effects are involved the same rule applies.

For live events an engineer’s requirement is to get the very best from his or her artists whilst relaying the content to hundreds or perhaps thousands in the audience.
Allowing all to hear whatever may be relayed through the sound system makes life at the controls a far more satisfying experience.