Installed Sound Systems

Our experience with installed system dates back to the early 1980s.
Even way back then we became involved with numerous installations in a wide variety of
Here are three more recent examples.

ST. Peters, Redcliffe Gdns, London.
Using a different approach to installation products is something we’ve done over the past 35 years and as a consequence we’ve been involved either directly or indirectly with hundreds of installations.

Shown right is an install of F110i cabinets in
St Peter’s Church, Redcliffe Gardens, London.

We offer the ability to have our cabinets finished in most RAL colours in addition, we can match the grilles to the paintwork as well.

Kew Gardens, London.
Custom brackets and flying hardware may also be specified or,  existing fittings may be utilised as shown here with an installation of F6i cabinets in Kew Gardens, London.

In addition, bass cabinets may be down graded in terms of fittings without affecting sonic quality and maintaining performance.

Blue Acoustic has a wealth of information with regard to installed equipment and is happy to share this knowledge with its customers.

Hope Church, Newtown, mid-Wales.
A recent example of how the Blue Acoustic team solved the problem of superior sound quality and excellent seat to seat coverage in a new build church is represented by the installation at the Hope Church in Newtown, mid-Wales – July 2018.

A pair of our powerful, ultra high fidelity K5412i Powersoft powered loudspeakers provide the main FOH PA system and their 90° x 40° horns provide excellent coverage throughout the room.
Under the stage front you will find four of our dual 18″ low frequency drive cabinets, again Powersoft powered, which are completely hidden from view.

We then have seven delay cabinets three of which are individually self powered with a further cabinet mounted amplifier/dsp module driving the four smallest cabinets.
The seat to seat variation of the new PA system is minimal meaning that the message and teaching from the podium is successfully relayed to everyone in the room.

For the future, the church is available for weddings with the first of these events taking place on Friday August 3rd 2018, less that two weeks after the official opening.
In addition, conferences and live events are planned.