About us

The Early Years
Since 2009 the Blue Acoustic range has been developed using the wealth of experience gained from design work started in
1973 and continuing for nine years with Pro-Ents Speaker Systems, a three year spell with Haze Sound Systems
then 31 years of Shermann Audio; the brand we started in 1982.
2013 Onwards
With constant development since inception a low key launch of the first Blue Acoustic products was made in 2015.
Our loudspeaker products are now built at two sites in England along with our testing zone in mid-Wales.
All manufacturing areas are equipped with CNC machinery and these play a massive part in the accuracy required
to construct our systems.
It is our attention to detail that sets us apart from many other manufacturers.
Our wide area of experience has been gained with all three previous brands most especially with Shermann where
many thousands of systems were sold to 29 countries around the world during a 31 year period until 2013.
This design experience is now powering the amazing Blue Acoustic brand which has rapidly flourished to become
a major British manufacturer.
Powered Systems
Our experience in the design of Powered systems is matched by our historical knowledge of touring and installation
systems over the past 43 years.
We have developed a number of 4 cabinet systems within the Blue Acoustic range to undertake a variety of work
loads for our customers.
We also have powered, multi-way full range cabinets which work successfully without additional bass units.
Multi-Channel Systems
These active systems have always been a major area of expertise and numerous small to medium sized rigs have been
developed from a number of high profile loudspeakers.
We used DSP units as soon as they became available and this continues to the present day where our knowledge of
set-up has become a major benefit for our customers.
Passive Systems
Our passive systems opt for low loss, high power crossover designs and we continue to wind our own components too
with the target of achieving 0% tolerance.
This in turn allows us to offer some of the most accurate passive crossovers on the market within loudspeaker systems.
Future Releases
It is our policy to never rush new products to market but we do have some interesting new products about to be
Unlike inexperienced designers who unwittingly experiment with their customers money we undertake thorough
testing whilst taking note of user feedback within our designs for the ultimate benefit of our customers.
As such, these customers, installers and end-users are now enjoying the results of our projects.
Present and future products all incorporate many technological developments that we have introduced in to our
powered and non-powered loudspeaker systems making Blue Acoustic an advanced player in the high quality
speaker market.