Welcome BlueMaxx

Forward thinking to the New Year.

We’re in the process of developing a select range of new brand products with a maximum price of £5,000 for a complete rig.

Using a new brand banner BlueMaxx our aim is to increase supply to new Blue Acoustic customers.

These days the option to buying a limited selection of British Made gear is almost entirely “Made In China”.
In our opinion a poor option.
Our belief is that customers are paying hefty prices in the UK for lower grade cheaply produced imported products.

BlueMaxx doesn’t go there.

We use Powersoft amplifier/dsp modules throughout for their superior performance and ultimate reliability.
We use FaitalPro, B&C, BMS, EighteenSound, Limmer and Beyma drive units for their build quality and also their reliability.
We design in-house because we know our products and those that have come before ove the past 48 years.
Vast experience from the many hundreds of products designed in the past and sold in to 27 countries.

More to come.
Superb compact systems offering amazing performance.
Keep in touch – data sheets soon – demo area locally and, it’s all happening in the UK.

BlueMaxx has arrived.