The G30 has arrived

The G30 arrives

On top.
Dual 10″ each powered by a 3″ voice coil plus a superb, highly efficient 1.4″ exit HF driver powered by a 3.4″ voice coil driven by a 3 channel Powersoft module.

Down below.
2 x powered single 18″ with a high power single channel Powersoft module.
2 x slave single 18″ which are parallel paired with the powered bass unit.
Two way mounting shown here built for semi-permanent horizontal seating with the send bass cabinet on top.
Dual 20mm pole mounts, 6 handles and 4 x 100mm castors.

Simple set-up is a dream for all users.
Finally, the sound quality is superb as is the dispersion.
Listen for material deep in the mix where little if anything is swamped.

Next – the G10 rig.